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When it comes to having legal representation for your most personal needs and career issues, you can never be too careful in selecting the right lawyer. At Advanced Legal Resolutions, LLC, our attorney takes the time to examine your unique legal situation in depth, as well as support you in writing complex documentation for your case. Whether you need help with creating a will or trust, or if you have been charged with a criminal or legal accusation, you can trust our highly knowledgeable attorney in Las Cruces to support you with determined and dedicated advocacy.

Call us today at (575) 209-5879 so that Advanced Legal Resolutions, LLC can give you guidance for any of your needs for legal representation in New Mexico.

Our Legal Services

Here at Advanced Legal Resolutions, LLC, we seek to aid our clients in multiple areas of legal representation, whether this means clarifying New Mexico law and codes for their burgeoning enterprises or defending them in many types of disputes.

We represent clients in a wide range of cases, including:

  • Business law – Perhaps you are just at the start of establishing your business, and looking to make a strong foundation for your company. In this case, you will need to make sure your business complies with any New Mexico state codes, or particular regulations in Las Cruces. Alternatively, you may have had a long and illustrious career but are trying to smoothly transfer the business to a trusted family member without losing a lot of revenue to different forms of estate taxes. No matter what stage you are at in your business, you will need proactive, powerful legal counsel to help settle disputes and ensure your own company is completely up to code.
  • Criminal defense – While we all appreciate law enforcement's eagerness to clamp down on criminal activity in New Mexico, a tragic side effect is that sometimes people get wrongfully accused in the midst of revived zeal. We have known many defendants who were improperly charged with crimes they never committed, from burglary to domestic violence, either on account of mistaken identity, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or even malicious libel. We are ready to defend you and give you the just trial you need.
  • Landlord tenant law – Whether you are a tenant or a landlord in the state of New Mexico, the regulations and rules about housing relationships can sometimes be complex to navigate. Too often, landlords and tenants end up having a conflict simply because they do not understand the rights and obligations of themselves and of the other party. Our lawyers can work with you to clarify your entitlements, as well as settle any legal disputes so that you can receive the fair treatment you deserve.
  • Wills and trusts – Some people believe they should only start thinking about wills and trusts near the end of their lives, but this could not be further from the truth. We never know when an untimely disaster will strike. It is far better to be prepared ahead of time, so that we can provide for our families and loved ones in the future. Wills and trusts are documents which enable people to transfer all their assets and possessions. By having our attorney help you in organizing and preparing to distribute your property in advance, you can have full assurance and peace for the future.

Reliable Advocacy in Any Circumstance

Our clients are faced with multiple legal challenges in all parts of their lives, at work or at home or out in the community. You never know when you are at risk of falling into a legal mire. Thankfully, our experienced attorney in Las Cruces is always ready to support you with the advocacy you need.

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