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Child Support in Las Cruces NM

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Divorce is never an easy process, but it gets infinitely more complex if you have children. Unfortunately, these issues do not get resolved during the divorce itself, but need to be addressed following the separation. While this may seem to extend the painful connection even though the relationship has been legally severed, you need to remember that this is being done for the best interests of your children. Once child custody arrangements have been decided by you and your former spouse, you must then decide how child support will be computed.

Unlike many states, New Mexico gives parents the liberty of reaching their own agreement of child support long before taking the matter to court. Whether you go before a judge or not, with the help of our knowledgeable Las Cruces child support attorney from Advanced Legal Resolutions, LLC, you can aim to protect your child's interests.

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New Mexico Child Support Guidelines

There are two primary “worksheets” which serve as methods to outline how much each parent should contribute to child support. In the case that one has primary custody while the other has child visitation, the correct worksheet to use is Worksheet A. If both parents are involved in a joint custody situation, they would use Worksheet B. Because these are only guidelines, it is possible to change certain elements in emergency situations; however, such extenuating circumstances need to be proved to the court.

The Purpose of Child Support in Las Cruces, NM

Remember, the entire purpose of child support is to allow the children's standard of living to continue. The divorce will most likely have disrupted their well-being both emotionally and mentally, so making sure a child's physical needs continue to be provided for as normal is a high priority. Our lawyer can work closely with you to gather and organize all the details of the expenses. This can then be utilized to prove in court how you will need a certain level of support to give your child the welfare they need.

Some of the expenses which child support in Las Cruces, NM can include involve payments for medical, dental, and therapeutic services. In addition, the child's educational expenses must be paid, whether in the form of tuition for private school, or for necessary tools and supplies. Other basic necessities like food of course are crucial, but the support also covers certain leisure activities for the child as well.

What Happens If an Individual Is Not Paying?

In New Mexico, there are strict rules that govern what occurs if a parent fails to provide child support. Automatic deductions from a paycheck, for example, may be involved with certain instances. Payments will be sent to the Child Support Enforcement Division, who will then distribute them to the recipient parent.

Parents who terminate their employment, deliberately get fired, or switch to lower-paid occupations in order to avoid paying child support are frowned upon in New Mexico. The court does not minimize assistance in these cases.

People that have not paid child support in the past could be required to do so in the future. The statute of limitations for child support in New Mexico is 14 years, however the court can decide if a person has to continue paying.

To escape paying child support in Las Cruces, NM, some people leave the state or even the region. Although moving can make it more difficult to collect child support, federal laws mandate that each state accept the arrangements made by other states. Many countries have cross-border mutual child care agreements.

How is Child Support Calculated in New Mexico?

Here in the state of New Mexico, there is a rigorous process in place regarding how child support is calculated. Fortunately, our skilled Las Cruces child support lawyer is highly aware about the most common factors that determine the awarded amount of support.

Some of these common factors include:

  • The total gross income made by each parent
  • The number of children shared by each parent in the family
  • Any extremely high health insurance costs
  • The current and past number of days the children have been spending with each parent

Once we have determined the amount of child support you need and how much you will likely be able to attain, our family law attorneys can advocate for you with power and empathy.

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