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Violence in a family can turn a household upside down. Such matters are treated with great severity in court, especially in New Mexico where domestic violence is criminalized in the Crimes Against Household Members Act. If you fear for your safety or the safety of a member of your household, the family law team at Advanced Legal Resolutions, LLC in Las Cruces can provide the compassionate and skilled legal support you need during this difficult time. You can rely on us to help ensure you and your family are protected.

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Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence

In New Mexico, domestic violence is defined as an act or attempted act of assault or battery against a household member. Household members do not necessarily need to cohabitate together.

Below is a list of relationships that are considered household members:

  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Former or current parent in-law
  • Former or current grandparent in-law
  • Spouse or former spouse
  • Co-parent
  • Current or former romantic partner

Below is a more expanded definition of what domestic violence includes:

  • Attempts to commit battery against any household members
  • Any act, such as threats or menacing behavior, that may cause a household member to believe there is an immediate danger of battery
  • Use of a deadly weapon to strike or assault a household member
  • Intentionally or willfully assaulting a household member with intent to commit a violent felony

To protect you from continued abuse, our legal team can help you pursue a protective order, which is also referred to as a restraining order.

Protective orders in New Mexico can provide a vast range of protections, including:

  • You may be temporarily granted possession of a shared residence
  • You may be awarded temporary child custody
  • The abuser may be ordered not to contact you
  • The abuser may be barred from disposing of any of your property
  • The abuser may be ordered to partake in counseling
  • The abuser may be ordered to reimburse you for any expenses related to the abuse

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Domestic violence is a serious matter and the experienced and compassionate team at Advanced Legal Resolutions, LLC in Las Cruces is dedicated to fighting on behalf of victims, so they can achieve safety and peace. If you are in an abusive situation or fear for your safety, reach out to us as soon as possible for the legal help you need.

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