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Las Cruces Mediation Lawyer

Alternative Resolutions to Divorce or Other Family Law Matters

While the term “mediation” has been tossed around in the legal community much more in recent times, there has unfortunately still been much confusion about how this works for a divorce. In reality, a divorce mediation involves a third-party who has been hired as an objective mediator for both sides. This mediator does not represent any one person, but resolves conflicts in a calm manner. Simultaneously, you should have your own lawyer to help prepare statements and requests, as well as finalize the contract of divorce once agreements are made.

Unfortunately, many firms do not offer mediation because it is so cost-effective, dramatically decreasing legal fees. In addition, mediation requires even higher levels of skill and training. Fortunately, Advanced Legal Resolutions, LLC desires you to have the smoothest transition into your new life. You can count on our Las Cruces mediation lawyer to powerfully represent your case.

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Advantages to Mediation

If you have an extreme degree of conflict with your spouse to the point that you cannot communicate with each other at all, mediation might not be the best fit. While one does not have to be on the friendliest terms with one's spouse, since you are getting a divorce after all, mediation still requires some ability to cooperate and communicate so that you can eventually come to a type of agreement.

If your divorce involves domestic violence or abuse, you should definitely have the case in court, where you can also appeal to the judge for “at fault” grounds of divorce. In most other scenarios, however, mediation for your divorce should be the first step you take, since it can be the simplest, fastest remedy available.

Some of the advantages of mediation include:

  • Lower costs – If you have a successful case of mediation, you can spend less money on paying the fees of a contested divorce in court.
  • Less conflict – With an objective, highly trained mediator, the tensions of settling a divorce are much easier to defuse. While you and your former spouse will still have painful emotions, having a mediator present can at least alleviate tension so you can move on with your life.
  • Faster process – Successful mediations always save participants a lot of time. Instead of the many months it usually takes most parties, we can complete your divorce within 30 days.

Finding a Qualified Divorce Mediator

Unfortunately, because the state of Mexico does not require mediators to be licensed, we have seen many errors, mistakes, omissions, and illogical, messy plans created, especially when performed by a non-lawyer. Those who come to us to fix these tangled mediation cases always wish they had come to us first. You can trust your Las Cruces mediation lawyer to handle your family law case with the utmost tact and sensitivity, but also firmness to protect your rights.

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